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The Elcano Project develops low-cost hardware and software to convert any vehicle to self-drive. We are concentrating on recumbent tricycles to create a passenger vehicle at a total cost of under $5000. Our software could also convert full-sized cars, toy RC cars, and other vehicles to self-drive.

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Table of Contents

Elcano Project introduction

Elcano Subsystems

Processors and Boards


  • A1 Hub Motor
  • A2 Brake motor
  • A3 Steering Motor


  • Odometer
  • Wheel angle
  • Compass
  • Smart Camera (webcam)
  • Drive Wheel speed
  • GPS
  • IMU
  • Sonar

Libraries (common code used throughout the project)

Hardware and Software tutorials

Bill of Materials

Elcano Project Website

Legacy Documents (Out-of-date, no longer used)

Old documents from github can go here as plain text or possibly as attached files if that increases usability. It may be helpful in some cases to move wiki pages or topics here (and out of the TOC) instead of deleting entire pages

  • [[Legacy][]]

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