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Welcome to the Elcano Project Wiki

As the title says, WELCOME TO THE ELCANO PROJECT! Over the past few years many different teams have been working hard to create Cheap and Modular autonomy at the University of Washington Bothell. We are currently working on our first two prototypes which are now in the form of tricycles. With the use of affordable microcontrollers, such as the Arduino Mega 2560 and Raspberry PI, we are working towards creating Autonomy for anyone to rebuild anywhere, and that under $2000 and fully open-source. But we don't plan to stop there, no. That is just the first step in reaching our ultimate goal, which is making our systems applicable to any desired ground vehicles, such as cars and other vehicles. Autonomy is nothing new, in fact it has been around for over 40 years, the difference is that now we have the ability to make it available for anyone who desires furthering their knowledge or simply finding a safer way to work.

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Click above for a more in depth introduction into the Elcano project and what we do.

Processors and Boards

Click above to find more information about the different boards and processors that are currently being used. This includes and information on the in-house designed boards that go hand-in- hand with our processors

Actuators and motor

Click above for details pertaining to the actuators and motor used


Click above to find out more about the sensors that give our vehicle its eyes and ears

Remote Control

Click above to access remote control Arduino sketches and documents/schematics (move these to Elcano/elcano repository as needed)

Sprint Meeting Notes

Click above for meeting notes taken at our weekly Scrum meetings


Hardware and Software tutorials

Bill of Materials


These are media files (pictures, videos, etc.) that are part of the project, but are not maintained under version control.

Elcano Project Website

Legacy Documents (Out-of-date, no longer used)

Click above to access deprecated Elcano documents.

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