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First, make sure you created a page link on the main page so users can find your article. You can click on a red page link (meaning a new page with no content) to immediately log in and edit that page.

To copy this page, click on the Edit button in the upper right-hand corner of this page, copy all the text, and paste it onto a new page you have created. Remember to replace all body test on this page, including the author tag at the end (-- JosephBreithaupt - 2017-04-06). There is a short formatting reference at the top of the edit window, click on it (if it's minimized) for quick hints on making headers, monospaced text, links, etc. "More formatting help" opens a popup with instructions for uncommon formatting or including CSS. You can even change the color of your text: Red, Green, Blue.

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You can type wiki pages outside the wiki in your favorite text editor, add markup for title, headers, formatting, and paste it here on the wiki. Remember to preview a page and check if you have incomplete/incorrect formatting marks.

Describe what the part, processor, board, or system does. If it connects to other systems with pages on this wiki, use a page link like this: "C4 connects to C6 using the Elcano Serial ring". This is also a chance to define any system-specific terms or abbreviations you want to use later in the page. The simple way to get writing is to pretend you are explaining your system in-person to a new team member and type up what you would say.

Parts and Materials

List parts and materials needed. If there's a lot or the system is still changing, consider linking to a Bill of Materials on github. If there's no Bill of Materials or if it's out of date, please update it.

  • Part name; Part Count; Identifying Dimensions/Characteristics ; Manufacturer's part #; Manufacturer web link


Part name Part Count Identifying Dimensions/Characteristics Manufacturer's part # Web Link
Widget 3 1/8 inch QWE1234

Assembly and Configuration

How do you put your system together? For mechanical systems or circuit assembly, a diagram or video might help someone understand assembly. For code, you can link to github. You can also use numbered lists:

  1. first item
  2. second item
  3. You don't have to manually number lists
  4. precede each item with a " 1." (three spaces followed by a number and a period and another space)

Links and Resources

Most links are more useful in context as part of a sentence in your article. You can still include interesting links here. Utah Trikes: similar vehicles to the Elcano test trikes

-- JosephBreithaupt - 2017-06-09

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